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Loft Clearances in Fife

Fife Clearances can provide your loft with a full clearance, removing all requested items from your property, such as deceased effects, household appliances, white goods, old and faulty computers, old CRT televisions, flooring, woods, broken boilers, water tanks, rubbish, waste and a whole lot more.

Get your loft space back today with Fife Clearances. We can work in all lofts with various types of floors, i.e. ones with flooring and ones without. We have vast experience in working in all types of loft.

It is really nice to have the loft space back to use. Fife Clearances worked hard and didn’t leave any mess.

Mr. G. Devon

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The cost of a loft clearance service varies in price from one customer to the next, this is because loft sizes vary and the amount of rubbish in them is never the same. We price based on the time it will take us to clear your property and how much rubbish requires disposing. Many clearance companies that provide pricing online only estimate and often over charge, we politely ask all customers to give our team a call where we can provide a low-cost hassle-free and without the sales pitch quotation.

Our clients include...

Home/Land Owners

Letting Agencies

Private Landlords


Private Businesses

Estate Agents


We will remove...

Boilers, Water Tanks

Flooring & Carpets

Electrical Appliances

Boxes, Card, Paper

Old Furniture

And Many More….

We promise that…

We won’t break your flooring in your loft and attic.

We will arrive on the day you expect and on time.

We will provide you with an excellent service.

Our pricing to be fair, realistic and competitive.


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