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Garden Clearances in Fife

If you have a property with a garden in Fife or the surrounding areas that contains a lot of rubbish then let us take a load off by providing you with a garden clearance. We have helped hundreds of customers on the east coast with solutions and services. Our work force is flexible and will work around you, just tell our team what time you would like them to arrive and they’ll do the rest. Professional and quick but most importantly we are affordable.

The cost of this service varies from customer to customer, this is because two gardens are rarely ever the same and the amount of rubbish contents is never the same. We ask all our customers to contact us and provide as much detail as possible in regards of the condition of the garden such as the size and the amount of rubbish. When you provide us with detailed information about the garden, our sales advisors will be able to provide you with a low-cost price for all your garden rubbish removal and disposal needs.

Thank you for clearing my garden, I can suddenly use the space again and just in time for summer!

Margaret Stepford

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We run a very professional company and with any professional business you can expect our employees to turn up on time, look smart and get the job done to your satisfaction.

Our clients include...

Home/Land Owners

Letting Agencies

Private Landlords


Private Businesses

Estate Agents


We will remove...

Bags of Rubbish/Trash

Rusty Washing Machines

Rubble, Metals, Woods

Tiles, Slabs and Bricks

Wet, Dirty Sofas

Household Rubbish

Wet Electrical Items

And Many More….

We promise that…

our employees will be polite and professional

our team will not disturb your neighbours

our pricing will be low, fair and realistic

Our pricing to be fair, realistic and competitive.


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