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White Goods Removal in Fife

We offer affordable white goods removal and disposal on a large range of kitchen appliances for residential customers living in Fife and surrounding areas. If you have one or more old or faulty appliances that needs to be collected and the disposed off then we can help you.

All our services start are extremely economical and the cost of removing your items will vary depending on the volume, weight and quality of your white good appliances, if your item(s) is still working and in good quality then the cost may be less than say a faulty item.

Fife Clearances moved a washing machine and dishwasher that were broken for me. It really helped as I wouldn’t have been able to move them myself.

Claire Taylor

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If you are in need of a white goods removal service in Fife or the surrounding areas then please give our team a call, we will provide you with a no-hassle, no-obligation and absolutely free quotation on the collection and disposal on one or more of your kitchen appliances. Please note that we only use legal disposal methods, beware of other companies that provide extremely low pricing as they could be illegally fly tipping your items. Our services are professional and our pricing is fair and realistic while still being competitive.

Our clients include...

Home/Land Owners

Letting Agencies

Private Landlords


Private Businesses

Estate Agents


We will remove...

Tumble Dryers

Washing Machines

Fridge Freezers

Chest Freezers



And Many More….

We promise that…

We will provide you with an excellent service.

We will attempt to recycle everything we can.

We will have the job completed as agreed.

Our pricing to be fair, realistic and competitive.


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