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Shed Clearances in Fife

If you have a shed that is overwhelmed with junk and rubbish then let us help get your space back with our shed clearance service for customers with garden storage in Fife and surrounding areas. We have helped hundreds of customers in the Fife area with low-cost rubbish removal services from clearing sheds, garages and even houses. No matter how many items, rubbish or even large garden equipment you need removed rest assured we are a one-stop company and there is nothing our team can’t remove.

Our team can normally clear out a shed or garden storage container within just a few hours, but can take much longer depending on the volume of rubbish or items that need removing and of course the size of the shed.

If you need it done as soon as possible then please call our team on 0800 474 8679 and with the information you provide we should be able to give you rough idea how quickly we can get it done for you.

Was very impressed with the speed of the service. Within an hour it was all done and cleared out. A big thank you to all the team.

Colin Robertson

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We price all shed clearances based on the volume of contents found within them that you need removing, or should you want the shed taking down then we will factor in the size of the shed. Since garden storage varies from one to another and contents are never the same we ask all customers to give our team a call and provide additional information such as the contents and when you need it done by. We will then provide you with a low-cost and hassle-free quotation.

Our clients include...

Home/Land Owners

Letting Agencies

Private Landlords


Private Businesses

Estate Agents


We can dismantle...

Plastic/Wood Sheds

Metal/Concreate Sheds

Storage Containers

Green Houses & Cabins

Apex, Grove, Lean-To

Workshops & Tongue

And Many More….

We promise that…

We will provide you with an excellent service.

Our pricing to be fair, realistic and competitive.

We will dispose of all rubbish responsibly.

We will dismantle the shed as quietly as possible.


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