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Scrap Metal Collection in Fife

Our team at Fife Clearances can provide you with a low cost scrap metal collection. This professional service is available to both residential and business customers located in Fife and surrounding areas. We remove all types of Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals.

If you have a lot a high volume of quality and valuable metal then we can use the value against the cost of labour for picking up the metal. In some cases we may even pay you!

I was pleased when I managed to get a load of scrap metal shifted and it didn’t cost me a penny as Fife Clearances weighed it in and it covered the cost. Result!

Carl Cunningham

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In order to qualify for our free scrap metal collection and removal service you must have a fair amount of metals that can be recycled. If you believe you have a fair amount of metal then we can quickly come to you and remove it. Either way, please give us a call and we can arrange something for you.

We will remove...

Metals, Woods

Tools, Plastic

Broken Bikes




Examples of items with metal...

Twin Earth Electrical Wiring

Old Kitchen Equipment

Pots and pans

Vehicle Rims

Car Alloys

We promise that…

We will provide you with an excellent service.

We will attempt to recycle everything we can.

We will have the job completed as agreed.

Our pricing to be fair, realistic and competitive.


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