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Privacy Policy

We take customers information very seriously and should you provide us with your information such as your name, your email address, your home address, your telephone number or even your payment/card details we will always take steps to ensure that your data is safe and not shared with unnecessary 3rd parties.

We never store your information for any longer than we need and we regularly delete archived emails and any other correspondence that is not deemed important or useful to us.

Your data, our promise

Our promise to you is that any information that you disclose with us will be in line with what is expected from us just like any other company operating in the UK as set by the Data Protection Act 1998, also to what we deem is responsible and in your interest as well as improving the user experience for returning customers or first time customers.

In other words we will only use your data to improve our service and not share information to help other companies that can use your data to sell, collect, use your information for other purposes.

Server Side Logs

Our website uses server logs that directly records information to disk and generally is stored for one month. This information includes details such as the following: IP Address, Browser and Version, and the pages you viewed with time/date stamps.

We log this information for security concerns and improving user experience. We can also see referral information which means if you came from another website using a ‘click’ we can determine that you came from this site (Excludes links on SSL sites).


While we don’t directly share your data with 3rd parties we do use Google Analytics which uses cookies and some data is passed back and forth, we use Google Analytics to improve the user experience of our visitors. If have any questions with privacy policy or any information that you have previously shared with us then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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