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Questions about Fife Clearances

Can I email you pictures of our property for a quote?

Yes, by sending us pictures and a little description of some of the items we can provide you a more accurate quotation.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we take the safety of our staff, you and your family very seriously. All our staff members are professionally trained and in the rare event something does happen then we have public liability insurance that covers you, your family and members of the public.

Does Fife Clearances charge for quotations?

Nope, all our instant quotations are provided free of charge with no obligations for on the spot decisions. We don’t believe in being pushy salesmen and our reputation is normally enough to get customers to choose us.

How many vans do you operate with?

We have access to several vehicles, one is a very large Luton van. Generally we use the Luton van for House Clearances and most other clearance services and if the job is a small job then we will opt to use a smaller van. In most cases the Luton van is big enough for our needs; however we do have access to even bigger vehicles if required.

How soon can you provide your services?

We are pretty much busy all the time but this doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with a quick clearance; in most cases we can provide house clearances and other services within 24-48 hours of your call.

I don’t like the thought of strangers going through my relatives things?

We understand this, and often get asked this on the phone. Our staff are professionals and have compassion with sensitive items and things that matter to you, anything we find during a house clearance or any other clearance service that we believe is private will be kept private (things like documents). We can put all documents and various letters aside for you, and no our staff will not read through these, you have our word.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Saturday from 7am to 7pm, with this said our staff are very flexible and we can work slightly different hours if asked to do so.

What does Dirty Clearances do?

We offer a vast range of clearance services, from house clearances to garden clearances. If you need rubbish, trash or commercial waste removing and disposing then we can help you.

What is the advantage of using Dirty Clearances?

There are many advantages opting to use our services the main one is the cost, hiring a van and skip is extremely expensive compared to say 10 years ago, also you may even need to take time off work which could result in more money lost.

But the biggest advantage to using our house clearance service or any other service for that matter is that you don’t need to lift a finger, our skillful team will do all the hard work leaving you to enjoy your weekend off or to continue to go to work without taking time off.

What is your 3 step promise about?

Our 3 step promise is:

1) We will turn up at your property on time.
2) We will deliver the level of service we promise.
3) We will recycle as much household and business waste as possible.

Where is Dirty Clearances located?

We are located in Kirkcaldy, but please note that meetings our subject to appointment only. If you would like to book a meeting to discuss your requirements then please contact our team on 0800 474 8679.

Who uses your services?

A large percentage of our customers are private home owners and landlords, we do however work with many local small businesses, letting agencies, solicitors and even councils in Fife and surrounding areas. As long as you have permission or the rights for us to work on your property then we will be able to help you.

Questions about Garden Clearances

Can you cut down some trees?

Sorry but we do not provide this service; we can only remove bushes and rubbish.

Can you provide more than just a garden clearance?

Yes, if you need a complete property clearance then we will be more than happy to assist, in fact we might be able to offer a discount for opting to use us for multiple services.

Do you provide general gardening?

Depending on what is required we may be able to help. Please ask when you contact us for details.

How long does a garden clearance take?

Really depends on the size of your garden and how much requires removing. If you contact us we will be able to give you a rough estimate on the time it will take us to clear out your garden.

How much does a garden clearance cost?

Our pricing varies depending on the volume of garden rubbish you require removing, we ask all our customers to ring our team for a free quotation.

Questions about House Clearances

Can you clean the property after a house clearance?

Yes, by request we can provide a full house clear and clean, just ensure you ask for this service beforehand as we may need to book additional time.

Do I need to be at the property during a clearance?

There is no need for you to be at your property during a clearance unless you want to be there, we can arrange a time and day for us to collect the keys and we can get on with the job. We have carried out hundreds of clearances without our customers being there, enabling you to get on with your day.

Do you provide free house clearances?

Yes and no, well it depends on the value of goods in the property and what you want doing with them, if you give us permission to sell the items then if the goods hold enough value we can use this against the cost of tipping fees, fuel and labour – it really depends on the value of goods in the home.

Do you sell items obtained through a house clearance?

Yes, any items that you do not want to keep will either be recycled, reused using charities or if the item holds sufficient value will be sold on to companies that deal in 2nd hand goods. In a lot of cases if the value of goods adds up sufficiently we will offer money off the house clearance or you may even get the house clearance for free.

How much does a house clearance cost?

It’s really impossible to say on paper prior to hearing what needs removing, all homes are different and so our house clearances, you may need a few tonnes removing or hundreds. We charge based on tipping fees and how long it will take us to remove and dispose of.

If the household items hold any value we can use these against the cost of our fees. In most cases we are able to provide you with a quotation over the phone after you’ve told us roughly what is in the property that you need clearing. For a free no-obligation quotation please contact us on 0800 474 8679.

I don’t live in Fife or any other area near you, can you help?

As long as the home, property or business that you need clearing is located within a reasonable distance then we will be able to help you. We will need the keys however but normally you can post these to us, we recommend you use recorded mail as it’s much more reliable than standard post.

What does your team do during a house clearance?

A house clearance is rather simple but rather complex at the same time, we try and plan as much as we can so that all house clearances go smoothly, we normally work one room at a time and arrange rubbish, furniture and everything else into manageable piles ready for either recycling, reuse via charities and even reselling. Because we work in teams we get house clearances done very fast and we ensure that no items are unnecessary given to landfill.

What if I want to keep some items during a house clearance?

No problem what’s so ever after all it’s your property, simply tell us what you want putting aside before we provide the house clearance and we will ensure that those item(s) are carefully placed to one side for you.

Questions about Shed Clearances

How much does it normally cost for clearing out a shed?

It varies and is determined by how big the shed is and how much rubbish is in it, also if you want us to take down the shed too.

Questions about Your Rubbish

How much rubbish is reused or recycled?

Every job is different but generally this figure is around the 90% mark.

Where does all the rubbish you remove go?

We recycle as much rubbish as we possibly can, such as metals, woods… what’s more is that if an item can be reused such as clothing these will be donated to local charities.

Sadly not everything is recyclable or even reusable; these are normally disposed of by legal waste management companies.

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