Moving business premises?

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Moving your business?

Or ceasing trading – how to clear your work space?

Outgrown your place of work?

There are many reasons why businesses want to move premises, maybe you want to be nearer your main demographic of customer? Or you have outgrown your current premises and need more room? Perhaps the rent is too high and you’ve found a better deal? Or you’re wanting to downsize due to the current economic climate?

The fact is, whatever your reasons, it can be quite a big undertaking to move your business. Apart from the physical act of moving there is lots of paperwork, communicating with customers, ensuring insurances, bank accounts etc are updated. The last thing you need is extra hassle!

Concentrate on what you do best

Although we can’t help with the administration side of moving or closing your business, we can help with the clearance side. The actual physical act of moving and clearing out your old offices only needs to be as much work as picking up the phone or filling in our website form.

We have a very experienced team who can help you with every facet of moving your business and clearing out your old premises. It’s a big part of the worry and stress and we’ll handle everything for you.

What We Offer

What you can expect from us…


Fast and Efficient

We get the job done quickly and to an excellent standard.

professional service

We will clean your property discretely with our experienced and professional team.

Licensed & INsured

We are a licensed and fully insured so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

So how does moving your business work?

Once you have contacted our professional clearance team we will discuss your needs and let you know the plan. This will depend on whether you’re looking to move premises or just clear out your offices. It will also depend on the location of your premises and any challenges regarding accessibility to the building (i.e. 5th floor on an industrial estate that is locked up at the weekend!).

We can work around any challenges and arrange with you for a time and date that is convenient to you for the clearance. In most cases, if it’s safe to do so, we can work around you and your staff or, if you would rather, we can work around your working hours. Whatever the clearance we will find a way to do it so simply get in touch and let us do the heavy lifting.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here are what some of our customers say about our end-of-tenancy services.

Cleared our offices of old furniture that we no longer needed. It was surprisingly quick and easy. Would recommend.

Bill T

I needed some old cars and scrap shifting from some land that I was using to break motors on. Very happy with the service.

Rab (Glenrothes)

We needed to move everything into the next door office as it was a lot bigger. We wanted new furniture putting in and some old tables and chairs removing. All done on time and with a smile Thanks!

Mary Fotheringham (Glenrothes)

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