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Clearing a house post-tenancy

An empty house costs you money….

Tenants have left – what now?

So, your tenants have left your property – what happens now? This is a question that we often get asked as landlords are usually too busy to spend their days clearing and cleaning a house after their tenants have left.

In fact, why should you? I’m sure you have a million and one things that you would rather do than clean after your old tenants but, statistically, you are much more likely to be successful in re-renting your property if it is clean, presentable and, more importantly, doesn’t have signs of the previous tenants in there.

There’s good and bad tenants

Once your property is vacated then you’ll want to have a look at the place and judge how much work you’ll need to get it turned around and back on the rental market. There’s good and bad tenants and some people leave houses cleaner than they entered them. And others don’t.

We are here to help you regardless of how the outgoing tenants leave your property. If you require a deep clean of your property, or even just a quick once over, then we can help you. We also offer a full end-of-tenancy clearance service where we can remove anything that your old tenants have left behind and responsibly dispose of it for you.

What We Offer

What you can expect from us…


Fast and Efficient

We get the job done quickly and to an excellent standard.

professional service

We will clean your property discretely with our experienced and professional team.

Licensed & INsured

We are a licensed and fully insured so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.

How and when do I book your services?

Normally, you will be given notice by your tenants that they plan to leave. Or you may have given your tenants notice that you wish for them to vacate your property at the end of their current rental contract. At this point just give us a call or get in touch with us through this website. There are contact forms at the top and bottom of almost all the pages.

The larger the notice period you can give us, the better. We can then ensure that we have the right staff ready to go as soon as your existing tenants leave the property. This minimises the time that your property has to stand empty for and allows you to start earning income from it again as soon as possible.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Here are what some of our customers say about our end-of-tenancy services.

Wanted to move my son into our rental property so had it cleared and cleaned by Fife Clearances and was very impressed with the job they did.

Katy Harcross

Can’t recommend them highly enough. My old tenants left stains on some of the carpets but Fife Clearances lifted them and disposed of them for me. Will use again.

Macca (Dundee)

Friends of ours had recently vacated our rental property and whilst it was left in an excellent condition it just needed a bit of a spring clean. I used Fife Clearances for this and they were great. They asked if I would say a few words on their website so here I am!

Archibald Thomas (Leven)

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